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Village of Somerset, WI Set for CAP Community Presentation

A Fresh Vision for Somerset’s Future

Wednesday, March 22

Somerset High School – Multi-Media Room


5:30 pm – Reception   Meet CAP committee members

6:00 pm – Presentation   Followed by audience Q&A

Attend the CAP Community Presentation

Village of Somerset resident volunteers have been hard at work since November developing fresh ideas and intriguing concepts for the community’s future as part of the Village’s Community Action Plan | Comprehensive Plan project. After months of creating and researching their ideas, the CAP committee is excited to share their concepts and recommendations at special community presentation.

Learn about innovative projects from three subcommittees

Downtown Revitalization  “We’ve developed great opportunities to reimagine and reinvigorate downtown so we have a place for everyone to enjoy at any age and at any time of year.”

Quality of Life  “Our vision is to improve, modify and expand our park spaces and natural features to provide ‘places’ for the community to gather for recreation while protecting and preserving them for future generations.”  

Community Pride  “We focused our efforts on three main themes; Branding, Beautification and Connections that support our shared values, create inclusive opportunities for involvement, leverage public and private partnerships, and honor Somerset’s history.”

Project Follow-up

Pine City Launched Their CAP Project – Now See the Results

Pine City rebooted their Comprehensive Plan efforts by contracting with Community Collaboration to engage the community in developing fresh ideas, concepts and recommendation for their city’s plan update. More than 60 people attended the Community Action Plan | Comp Plan Kickoff event.

“Todd has helped a lot of communities in the past with planning. I’ve worked with him in another community and he really created some awesome events.”

— Scott Hildebrand | City Administrator | City of Pine City 

Click HERE to Watch Kickoff Presentation Video

Project Podcast – Listen to learn more about the project

Community Action Plan Project Introduction

Mike Gainor, community development director, discusses the Community Action Plan (CAP) project and the updating of the city’s comprehensive plan with Todd Streeter, principle, Community Collaboration, and project facilitator. Mike and Todd review how citizens are participating on the CAP Committee and how they are creating refresh ideas supporting the future of Pine City.

Click HERE to Listen to Podcast

Post-Project CAP Committee Accomplishments

Click on the links below to see the incredible achievements the CAP Committee and Pine City achieved in just four short months since the conclusion of the project including landing a $50,000 grant to support their committee’s recommendations.

Pine City CAP Recommendations

Pine City CAP Achievements

“We had high expectations for the CAP Plan process, and the results exceeded those expectations. It triggered an outburst of community pride and volunteer enthusiasm that is still going strong. The “action” in the Community Action Plan is the ongoing efforts of our volunteers, and I firmly believe that the results of those efforts will make a difference in Pine City for generations to come.”

— Mike Gainor | Community Development Director | City of Pine City

Community Collaboration Featured in Article

Community Collaboration’s Working CommitteeTM engagement method was recently featured in a guest article in REVITALIZATION (https://revitalization.org). The publication’s 100,000+ readers are mostly high-and-medium-level experts in a variety of fields including government (local, state, national), business (entrepreneurs and corporate), academia (students and professors), foundations, and non-profits.  Community development experts include city planners, architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, developers, urban planners, and economic development.

What Others Say About Community Collaboration

“What I like about the new approach is that the city officials step back and let the community dream away without consideration of what staff may think. It is truly liberating for the community and the city.” – Lynda Woulfe, Administrator, City of Cambridge, MN

“They were fresh ideas to plot the course of city government and planning going forward and thought it was incredible the number of new faces, folks I didn’t know that were part of this and I think that’s unbelievably refreshing.”  – Mike Montello, Council President, City of New Richmond, WI

“We are taking this entire concept and now we are applying it to government. So that to me speaks to the impact of how this Comp Plan has changed things.” – Fred Horne, Mayor, City of New Richmond, WI

“It is incredible the way the Community Collaboration method engaged and activated the interest of our community. Citizens were truly empowered to participate and develop a vision for the Village Green Center. I am amazed the creativity and enthusiasm it sparked, and grateful for the relationships the process created.” – Nathan R. Thiel, Village Administrator, Village of Pleasant Prairie, WI   

“Having watched Todd’s work and seen the results, I believe a committed focus to needs, concerns and desires of the community should be included in the public engagement process for any community improvement project or comprehensive plan update.” – Bill Turnblad, Community Development Director, City of Stillwater, MN

“It’s a fun process. I learned a lot and I can tell you I’m quite passionate now. I feel honored to be part of this process.” – New Richmond, WI Comprehensive Plan Committee Member

“Todd – thank you for your phenomenal leadership, communication and motivation.  Very nice job!!” – City of Cambridge, MN Downtown Revitalization Committee Member

 “I found your approach to be right on track with what everyone always talks about doing, but rarely ever actually does.” – APA conference presentation attendee

Learn More About Community Collaboration

Call or email to learn more about Community Collaboration’s award wining Working CommitteeTM engagement approach and how it can help your municipality, business or organization:

  • Reengage citizens, employees, membership
  • Increase stakeholder participation
  • Establish widespread buy-in
  • Create sense of ownership
  • Attract funding potential

How Can Community Collaboration Help You?

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