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Pleasant Prairie Committee Hosts Community Open House 

More than 300 Pleasant Prairie residents recently attended Designing Downtown Pleasant Prairie volunteer committee’s community open house. Eight subcommittees presented display boards, handout materials and PowerPoint presentations all conveying their ideas and concepts for more than 180 acres of mostly undeveloped land slated for a new downtown development including housing, civic facilities, commercial districts, parks, and trails. Streeter and his Working CommitteeTM approach was contracted for this 8-month citizen engagement project.  


“It is incredible the way the Community Collaboration method engaged and activated the interest of our community. Citizens were truly empowered to participate and develop a vision for the Village Green Center. I am amazed the creativity and enthusiasm it sparked, and grateful for the relationships the process created.”  – Dave Klimisch, Trustee #3, Village of Pleasant Prairie Board

News Release


Committee Presents Their Vision for Turtle Lake

The  Comp Plan committee presented their final  ideas, concepts and recommendations for Turtle Lake to the Village board and community residents. Six subcommittees detailed wide ranging improvements and fresh opportunities to prepare Turtle Lake for the next 10-20 years. The committee’s recommendations focused on housing, economic development, downtown revitalization, infrastructure, community services, and parks and trails. 

“After hearing the presentations, I am filled with energy and confidence. I believe that much of that information can be used with strategic planning, but it also provides an opportunity for a greater partnership with village members and the sub-committees as we work on a strategic plan.” – Scott W. Hildebrand, Village Administrator

Additional Comments

“This entire Village Green Center Community Collaboration process has been an exciting grassroots community engagement effort. The participation that the Village received from the Designing Downtown Pleasant Prairie Committee and from Todd Streeter has been truly phenomenal.” – Thomas G. Shircel, Assistant Administrator, Village of Pleasant Prairie


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