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Pine City Launches CAP | Comp Plan Committee

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Pine City rebooted their Comprehensive Plan efforts by contracting with Community Collaboration to engage the community in developing fresh ideas, concepts and recommendation for their city’s plan update. 

“Todd has helped a lot of communities in the past with planning. I’ve worked with him in another community and he really created some awesome events,” comments Pine City Administrator Scott Hildebrand. 

The committee of approximately 50 citizens will be meeting bi-monthly for nearly 5 months culminating in a community open house and formal presentation. 

The Todd and the city generated a large turnout for the Community Action Plan | Comp Plan kickoff event by mailing committee participation invitation postcards to all households, publishing newspaper and newsletter articles, and conducting a local radio station interview. Todd and Mike Gainor, Community Development Director, also prepared a podcast for the community to learn more details about the project and how interested citizens can join the committee. 


Listen to Podcast for More Kickoff and Project Information

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Click HERE to Listen to Podcast


Committees Share Their Concepts

Pine City subcommittee members recently shared their researched ideas with maps and images as well as goals, vision, values and mission statements with other committee members as they continue to develop their CAP | Comp Plan recommendations.

Todd – I felt like a kid in a candy store during the community presentations the other night. So many great ideas! Thanks for leading a process that is so inspiring for our community.

Mike Gainor | Community Development Director | City of Pine City

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