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View Successful Comp Plan Engagement Process

City of New Richmond council members and staff praise the Comprehensive Plan community committee members and the successful engagement process. Click video image to learn more.

“We are taking this entire concept and now we are applying it to government, so that to me speaks to the impact of how this Comp Plan has changed things.” – Fred Horne, Mayor

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APA-MN Presentation Hits Home with Attendees

“I really liked hearing about a completely different approach.”

“The Community Collaboration concept (whole thing), very fascinating.” 

“I found the presentation very informative especially on turning the table upside down on engaging the community.” 

“I found your approach to be right on track with what everyone always talks about doing, but rarely ever actually does. Your experience is very helpful.”


Engagement Approach a Hit at League of Wisconsin Municipalities Conference

Municipal officials and engineering firms respond positively to Streeter’s new community engagement approach at the recent LWM conference. “We liked your collaboration ideas and have a genuine interest in your approach,” comments one engineering firm representative. “Your workshop was a big hit, receiving one of the highest ratings of the conference!” comments LWM organizer. Other workshop attendees comments:


“Thank you for sharing this new approach!”

“Very interesting approach.  Intrigued to try back home.”

“Great ideas, easily consumable, well-organized.  I took the brochure!”

“Well organized.  Very helpful.  Good amount of time for answering questions.  Thanks!”

Streeter Participates on MDT Visit to North Branch

88BF419F-DEB5-46CC-A02A-896116F07EE0Todd Streeter joined 20 other landscape planners, architects and economic development professionals for another Minnesota Design Team community visit. North Branch hosted the Team to learn how to address many planning and economic development issues and opportunities. Streeter created several videos highlighting a number of community consensus challenges. This is Streeter’s fourth MDT community visit.

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Previous Comments

“I appreciate Todd’s ability to get our businesses, property owners and City working closer together. Todd is an effective communicator who works extremely well with City council members, staff and project consultants. He is a tremendous asset to any community or government project.” – Ted Kozlowski, Mayor, Stillwater

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