Comprehensive Plan Community Engagement

Working Committee members present their Comp Plan recommendations in New Richmond.

It may be typical for Comprehensive Plans to involve a passive community advisory committee as part of the public engagement process. Unfortunately, that approach doesn’t establish community buy-in, funding support of resulting outcomes, and ongoing community relationship positioned to implement many of the plan’s community improvements.

Why not leverage city efforts and budget to develop true community engagement, essential buy-in, and wide-ranging community funding support of Comp Plan projects? After all, it’s the community who, in many ways, needs to respond and implement city Comp Plan goals.

My Working committee(TM) approach to Comp Plan community engagement leads to a whole new approach to the engagement process resulting in community opportunities and outcomes not achieved by passive engagement efforts.

It’s time to reinvent the Comp Plan community engagement effort to bring about wide-spread buy-in, funding support and implementation success.

We are taking this entire concept and now we are applying it to government. So that to me speaks to the impact of how this Comp Plan has changed things. 

Fred Horne, Mayor, City of New Richmond

The work is amazing. I’m going to take this to the League of Wisconsin Municipalities have it used as protocol for teaching Comprehensive Plan across the state because it is that good.

Scottie Ard, City Alderman, City of New Richmond

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