Community Foundation Development

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When consulting with the City of Cambridge, we created a specific strategy to create a community foundation as part of the downtown revitalization project. This new foundation is focusing its initial funding activities around the support of the revitalization committee’s recommendations, creating an immediate financing mechanism for community funding support.

As a former community foundation founder, I firmly believe in collaborating with community resources as a critical element to the overall project.

If your city has a community foundation in place, you are well on your way. If you don’t, it’s not difficult to incorporate this strategy into the project scope of work.

Bringing a community foundation into city projects to develop a long-term relationship is an invaluable asset to city improvement projects. This funding collaboration may benefit the foundation by extending value and purpose to the community foundation’s work within the community.

“I’ve worked with Todd for the last seven years and am always struck by how he’s not only a big-idea person, but also an implementer of ideas. He’s both a visionary and a practical leader. Fortunate is the organization to have him at its helm.”

Jane Stevenson, Former President, St. Croix Valley Foundation  

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