Strategic Planning

Mike Darrow, administrator, City of New Richmond, discusses working committee’s concepts with team members.

Many cities embark on an internal strategic planning exercise prior to launching their Comprehensive Plan effort. While this is well intended, this process is usually void of community input, reserved for the Comp Plan activities later down the road.

Why not invite local stakeholders to identify community needs, issues and opportunities well before the city sets its strategic planning goals?

In fact, community residents, business owners and organizations want nothing more than their community to be a shinning success. As direct or indirect implementers of city planning, stakeholders should be driving the process of helping the city shape a better future all can be proud of.

My community-driven Working Committee(TM) process allows everyone to develop a common vision of their community’s future.

Imagine the community support, buy-in, and potential funding that can be developed by having the community lead your strategic planning efforts.

“Todd is one of the most talented strategic thinkers I have known. His success in re-building the Chamber and preparing downtown Stillwater for its new future has been amazing. He knows instinctively how to get a diverse group to work together for a common goal. Todd’s amicable personality makes everyone feel appreciated and their input valued. His passion and work ethic gained the respect of Chamber members, government officials and the community.”

Pat Wolf, Owner, Commercial Property Services | partner, Joseph Wolf Brewing Co. | Downtown Revitalization Committee Member

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