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Microphone 2One of the most critical components of any successful community engagement initiative is communication. Clear and effective messaging of project goals, objectives, instructions and outcomes is essential for committee members to successfully fulfill their project assignments.

It’s been my observation over many years in the civic and community area that cities and community members speak different languages when interacting on city projects, especially when it is city-driven. In many instances, it is very beneficial to have an objective (third party) voice develop project messaging to community stakeholders and media sources.

As coordinator of a project’s public engagement activities, I provide dedicated focus on proper construction of committee communications, media press releases, and related marketing and public relations materials. Shifting this responsibility to the engagement coordinator relieves city staff of the time consuming burden of project communications.

Typical Consultant Communications Responsibilities

  • Project Communications with City Staff and Council
  • Project Scope of Work, Strategies and Outcomes
  • Committee Project Work Plans
  • Committee Meeting Agendas
  • Committee Meeting Summaries
  • Project Element Instructions
  • Project Flow and Upcoming Activities
  • Community Open House Presentation Preparations
  • Council Project Updates
  • Final Project Presentation to Council

Typical Consultant Public Relations Responsibilities (Local traditional, social and broadcast media) See Press Room for published releases, radio interviews and public service announcement examples.

  • Project Launch Announcements
  • Committee Formation Announcements
  • Project Kickoff Event
  • Project Progress Press Releases
  • Community Open House Promotion
  • Final Project Presentation Press Release
  • Radio Interviews
  • Radio Public Service Announcements (Listen Here)

“Working with Todd Streeter over the past few years has been my pleasure! He is a wealth of information, very organized, and has a vision like none other. He took over my weekly hour long radio show for months when I was unable to host it. He produced and hosted it for 14 weeks and turned out a great product! I was worried the station may not want me back. On the political side, Todd kept me informed of the needs of the district, and worked on behalf of the residents of Stillwater and the St. Croix Valley to get good things done for the community on the legislative side. Todd works hard and with passion.”

Senator Karin Housley, Senate District 39: Forest Lake, Stillwater and Surrounding St. Croix Valley

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