Cities and Counties

Gavel malletCities and Counties often require outside expertise to help shape and guide community improvement and economic development projects. Sometimes it may be a relatively short-term community outreach effort to generate input from a modest constituent base. On larger projects, community engagement is a longer and more detailed process to ensure vested stakeholders’ concerns and suggestions are fully vetted and incorporated into the ensuing planning considerations.

As a former elected official, my knowledge of the civic environment is perfectly suited to assist any size project a City or County may be contemplating. Years of interaction with government entities establishes productive relationships with:

  • Local Elected Officials (Township Boards, City Councils, County Commissioners)
  • State Elected Officials (Senators and Representatives)
  • City and County Staff, Planners, Engineers and Community Development Directors
  • Regional CDC and CDA Directors
  • Convention and Visitors Bureaus

“I have known and worked with Todd since 2004 when I was first elected Washington County Commissioner and Todd was Mayor of the city of Lake St. Croix Beach. I appreciate the respectful nature of his leadership and his commitment in working all issues and constructing policy with a focus on consensus building. Todd is a team player and values individual opinions. His leadership has been influential in many area improvements.”

Gary Kriesel, Chairman, Board of Commissioners Washington County

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