Downtown Revitalization

Historic downtowns and their locally-owned OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbusinesses are succumbing to the pressures of new commercial development, national brands, internet commerce and demographic shifts. Resident and visitor traffic increasingly gravitates to big box stores and new methods of consumer buying. Saving downtown requires rethinking downtown.

Transforming downtowns from their known past to a new and relevant, vibrant and economically energized commercial district requires a whole new set of community engagement involvement, civic support, and community resources. Everyone needs to be involved in its transformation.

Revitalizing a historic downtown is no easy task. It requires a concerted effort on behalf of the city and engaged community.  My Working Committees(TM) helped revitalize downtown Stillwater and Cambridge offering a new path to regain control of a downtown’s future, making it relevant to today’s consumers and a “rebirth” of the center of community interaction and pride.

“I worked with Todd on Stillwater’s Downtown Revitalization Committee which he developed and spearheaded during his time with the Stillwater Chamber. Todd was tireless in his vision to help move Stillwater into a strong and vital future.  I thank Todd for sharing with us his energy and expertise in building Stillwater’s future.”

Barb Trueman, Former Director of Marketing, Stillwater/Oak Park Heights Convention and Visitors Bureau

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