Community and Corporate Foundations

Blue china piggy bank with American dollar bill against black background uidIf your community is fortunate enough to have an established community or corporate foundation, you may be positioned to access funding to support some aspect of a community improvement project.

Approaching prospective funding institutions, businesses, and individuals require a unique approach that maximizes your potential funding request. As a co-founder of a community foundation, I am familiar with the requirements and positioning needed to package a funding request to not only generate needed resources, but more importantly, to establish a long-term relationships that are beneficial to all concerned.

“I’ve worked with Todd for the last seven years and am always struck by how he’s not only a big-idea person, but also an implementer of ideas.  He’s both a visionary and a practical leader.  Fortunate is the city and community to have him working on their behalf.”

Jane Stevenson‎, Former President, St. Croix Valley Foundation

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