New Richmond Comp Plan


“We are taking this entire concept and now we are applying it to government, so that to me speaks to the impact of how this Comp Plan has changed things.” – Fred Horne, Mayor

“I’m going to take this to the League of Wisconsin Municipalities have it used as protocol for teaching Comprehensive Plan across the state because it is that good.” – Scottie Ard, City Council Alderman

“I was very impressed in the effort and the concreteness of the plan. There was a map on how to get there. They were fresh ideas to plot the course of city government and planning going forward and thought it was incredible the number of new faces, folks I didn’t know that were part of this and I think that’s unbelievably refreshing. It was just a great job so I just want to congratulate all of you.” – Mike Montello, City Council Alderman

“Todd, you went over and above. You did a great job. You were the captain a lot of the time and did a phenomenal job.” – Craig Kittel, City Council Alderman

“You guys put your hearts and souls into it. I was just so proud of you people. I don’t think I could have done what you did. It was just a great, great job. Thank you for doing it.” – Jim Zajkowski, City Council Alderman

“With Todd coming in and really changing this perspective, I am really glad we found you and you found us.” – Mike Darrow, Administrator

“This has been a real eye-opening experience. We transferred ownership of the process to the committee and they all stepped up and delivered many very thoughtful and innovative ideas we hadn’t considered before.” – Beth Thompson, Community Development Director


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