Chambers of Commerce

Dictionary definition of commerce uidChambers of Commerce address the unique needs of the City or region within their respective footprint. When a Chamber seeks to engage the broader business community with new economic opportunities, it often involves a well coordinated set of goals, strategies and comprehensive engagement process that ensures dedicated involvement from a wide range business and property owners, community organizations, and local, county and state officials.

As an experienced Chamber executive director, I know the challenges and opportunities Chambers encounter to improve their organization while positively impacting the entire economic environment of their business community.

“When we hired Todd the Chamber was near collapse.  Todd calmly stepped in and his expert leadership and skilled dedication not only led the Chamber out of debt but moved it to a place of new respectability in the communities served.  Todd’s ability to work respectfully with varying interests from both within and outside of the organization was exceptional and greatly needed.  The Chamber and community at large owe Todd a huge thank you for all that he has been able to accomplish.”

Mark Berthelsen, ReMax Results | Board Chair, Chamber Board Member, 2004-2011

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