Cambridge Downtown Revitalization

Cambridge Staff and Council Member Comments

“What I like about the new approach is that the city officials step back and let the community dream away without consideration of what staff may think. It will truly be liberating for the community and the city.” – Lynda Woulfe, City Administrator

“I’m so impressed by the involvement, dedication and ideas the group is developing to truly revitalize downtown.” – Lisa Iverson, City Council Member

“I’ve been watching the process go from individuals interested in improving downtown to a cohesive, committed group meeting every week to develop fresh ideas the city and ongoing community support can study further for possible implementation in the future.” – Stan Gustafson, Economic Development Director

Project Committee Member Comments

“The accomplishments, ideas and thoughts all of you came up with were tremendous.  What a great venture for the City of Cambridge.  The potential and possibilities are very exciting!!”

“Thank you, Todd; your leadership on this project has been astounding!”

“Being involved with Discover Downtown has given me a completely different view on every downtown I visit. There are things that can’t always be changed as part of a downtown, but a simple change in perception from “there’s no way to save this place” to “what would make downtown a place I want to be a part of?” can change everything.”

“Todd – thank you for your phenomenal leadership, communication and motivation.  Very nice job!!”

“I was blessed enough to work with the best group of individuals who made the whole process amazing. We met every Thursday and very seldom did anyone miss. I was truly surprised with the outcome of the project. It really felt as though this time the dream was achievable.”

“Thank you Todd, for all of your leadership, guidance, and patience with our town. You gave me a new perspective on our little town and ignited a fire and excitement to see what comes next. We appreciate your months of commitment to Cambridge.”

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