Historical Downtown Districts

Vacant Store FrontWe know a changing world has a way of impacting every aspect of our lives, and this reality is clearly evident in the role our historic downtowns play in evolving consumer shopping trends. We’ve witnessed a seismic shift in consumer traffic moving to newer developments with big box retail stores and increased reliance on internet purchases.

These changing consumer trends have compromised the viability and economic vitality of our nation’s historic downtowns – the once proud epicenter of community interaction and commerce.

Revitalizing our historic downtowns requires a whole new approach to repurposing the economic heart of a community. It is imperative that every sector has a place at the table to usher the needed discovery and affirmation process. My Community Working Committee approach identifies the challenges historic downtowns face and the innovative opportunities that will restore needed consumer vibrancy, economic prosperity and community pride.

“I have known and worked with Todd for more than 12 years when we served our respective Cities as mayors. I have been impressed with his energy, creative thinking and desire to take things to the next level. His campaign theme was ‘It’s about our future.'” Todd’s vision to create the Downtown Revitalization Committee to redefine downtown Stillwater after the new bridge is completed reflects his proactive approach and dedication to what can be. He recruited businesses and building owners to work together towards improving downtown Stillwater.”

Brian Zeller, Principal, Greystone Real Estate Group | Vice Chairman, Chamber Board of Directors, 2014 to 2017

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