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During my nearly 20 years in community service as Mayor, Chamber of Commerce President/Executive Director, and Community Foundation Co-Founder, to name a few, I have devoted my career to engaging diverse community stakeholders for the purpose of creating a better future.

Creating a better future is no easy task. It takes experience, knowledge, skill, diplomacy, and patience (a lot of it). If you’re smiling, you know what I mean. And yes, having a good sense of humor often helps.

As the name implies, Community Collaboration offers wide ranging expertise that successfully engage community leaders, business owners, residents and government officials with:

  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Community Facilitation

My community engagement experience led me to develop the Working Committee(TM) Process. This process allows the community to drive the engagement scope of work and collective outcomes.

Previous accomplishments and leadership experiences (below) provide a variety of clients essential skills and talents that establish a collaborative environment for any size community improvement or economic development project.

I look forward to talking to you about your community engagement needs.


Todd Streeter

Principal, Community Collaboration

“Over the past 4+ years, I have had the pleasure of watching Todd dedicate himself to our City in a manner worthy of the finest leadership I’ve encountered anywhere.”

Captain Doug Menikheim‎, US Navy (retired), Ward 1 Council Member, Stillwater, MN

Leadership Roles
  • Principal, Community Collaboration – Community engagement consulting
  • President/Executive Director, Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
  • Mayor, City of Lake St. Croix Beach
  • Co-founder/Chair, Lower St. Croix Valley Community Foundation
  • Board Member, St. Croix Crossing Coalition
  • Board Member, Stillwater/Oak Park Heights Convention and Visitors Bureau


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