Radio Interviews

City of Cambridge Downtown Revitalization – KBEK 95.5 FM – Hosted by Laura Martin 

Interview #1: Why Revitalize Downtown? How Do Working Committees(TM) Work? – With Todd Streeter (Full Length – 15.55 min.)

Interview #2: What Are The Challenges To Make Downtown Successful? – With Todd Streeter and Bob Roby, committee member (Full Length – 24.17 min.)

Interview #3: What Are The Observations, Insights and Takeaways? – With Todd Streeter and Lynda Woulfe, city administrator (Full Length – 21.52 min.)

Radio Public Service Announcements

Cambridge Revitalization Community Kickoff Event – (Streeter announcing)

Published Press Releases

City of New Richmond – (Comprehensive Plan)

New Richmond Hires Streeter

Community Kickoff Announced

Recreation Group Presents to Committee

Committees Present Concepts to Project Planner

Committees Preview Concepts to City Council

City Council Applauds Committees’ Work & Fresh Concepts

Committee Hosts Community Open House

CAP Committee Presents at State of the City

The Building of a Comprehensive Plan

City of Cambridge – (Downtown Revitalization)

Cambridge Launches Revitalization Initiative

Revitalization Kickoff Announcement

Kickoff Event Article

Revitalization Committees Formed

City Council Revitalization Progress Report

Revitalization Committee Hosts Public Open House

Revitalization Committee to Present Recommendations to Community

Revitalization Committee Recommendations to Help Downtown

Revitalization Committee Presentation Article

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