City of New Richmond Comprehensive Plan Committee, Forward New Richmond, discusses issues as they research new opportunities to create their own set of plan recommendations.

When engagement processes are contemplated by government officials, it is often best to have an objective third party orchestrate the community engagement process to ensure government requirements and community needs are equally served to generate the best collaborative outcome possible.

In my work with government entities, it is clear they have experienced ongoing disappointment with their community engagement outcomes. To be honest, it is often not necessarily the best practice to have the government drive the process. Allowing the community to drive the process actually results in much wider community participation, buy-in, and process ownership. My Working Committee(TM) approach creates the foundation for greater community support, financial contributions and stronger civic and community relationships.

Consider giving the Working Committee(TM) a try. Watch this informative video to learn what the City of New Richmond council and staff members had to say about their experience with my innovative community engagement process. Given disappointing engagement outcomes most government entities have experienced in the past, perhaps it’s time to consider a new approach in the future.

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